the Algarve is the warmest region of Portugal and one of the warmest in Europe.

With about three thousand hours of sunshine, the Algarve is the warmest region of Portugal and one of the warmest in Europe. Its mild climate, beaches and paradisiacal landscapes attract more and more visitors from across Europe. Whether for a short break or longer holiday, the Grande Real Santa Eulalia Resort & Hotel Spa or the Real Bellavista Hotel & Spa are the ideal choice for those who want
to spend a few pleasant days of pure relaxation or full of activity.
Visit this fascinating region and enjoy its idyllic beaches and temperatures ideal for rest or practice sports, like golf, is increasingly easy and tempting. At about 3 hours drive from Lisbon or about 3 hours by plane from major European centers, this region has everything for your perfect holidays.
If you choose the Algarve for your next holidays please find below some of the locations you can visit,
or click here for further information about the next events in the Algarve
Albufeira - First and foremost, Albufeira is famed for its beaches, for the countless shades and tones of its rocks and cliffs.
This is a place where people live to the rhythm of the great holiday destinations, sunbathing during the day and at sunset flocking to enjoy the restaurants, bars and discotheques that enliven the nighttime hours.
Faro - Capital of the Algarve is an ancient city to re (discover). It is a cosmopolitan city where the past and future live together. The Old Town and the city center are places where you should stop, for lovers of sand, sun and sea, the dunes that separates the sea from the Ria Formosa are a beautiful paradise.
Lagos - The iridescent greens of sea caves. Beach after beach of soft sand tucked away between ochre cliffs or stretching clear to the horizon. Discover one of the most attractive spots of the Algarve and enjoy the magnificent caves carved by the waves of the sea.
Loulé - A place of contrasts, from the cosmopolitan life of major tourist centers to the quiet interior. You can find some of the best golf courses of Europe, as well as traditional Algarve villages as Querença, Salir and Alte where narrow streets still keep the peace, the white and small gardens.
Silves - Monchique
Silves -To get to know some of the Algarve’s history, we suggest you to venture into the region where you can find places full of history and charm. Silves shows in every street and monument lines of its past of Moorish influences.After the heat of the Algarve's beaches feel the coolness of the Monchique hills. These are landscapes that weave a spell of reverie and spur the visitor to stride out in search of unglimpsed horizons that end only in the sea.
Olhão - Landscapes, experiences, historical and archaeological heritage, are reasons more than enough to visit Olhão. The regular connections to the islands of Armona, Farol and Culatra make possible a pleasant walk through the beautiful scenery of the Ria Formosa, a unique natural habitat teeming with plant and animal species. And in the background loom the hills of the interior, ringed like an amphitheatre, covered with orchards, dotted with white cottages. Three distinct environments, each with its special charm, which make Olhão a great place for a holiday.
Portimão - Praia da Rocha
Portimão - Here you will find a cosmopolitan atmosphere of an international tourism destination. This is the Algarve of beach holidays in the sun. Enjoy the monuments full of history, the beauty of the eternal nature of the Ria de Alvor and a buzzing center of commerce, shops and restaurants that elevates the best of Algarve's gastronomy.
Sagres (Vila do Bispo)
Vila do Bispo - The unspoilt coastline, with its dramatic horizons of cliffs and sea. Place of historical and cultural heritage and wild nature almost untouched. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Sagres, the most southwest town in continental Europe.
Tavira - The streets of Tavira take you through time, through several eras that mark the landscape, the culture and the inhabitants.
In the historic center's heart, it is possible to find vestiges of the most remote eras such as ritual wells and Phoenician walls or a military lath-and-plaster wall. From the hills to the shore islands, from the warm scent of the low lands to the Gilão River and Ria Formosa this is a natural heritage to discover always in touch with the rich gastronomy of the Algarve.
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