HoneyLab are developing medical products from honey

HoneyLab are developing medical products from honey, bee venom and other products from bees and their environment. We undertake extensive research to show that our products are as effective as pharmaceutical medicines, despite them being natural products. We have developed products in three areas so far: skin diseases and cosmetics, pain management and nutrition. Being natural they are also of course safer to use than drugs.
Our Story
HoneyLab was founded in 2009 by Dr Shaun Holt and Laurence Greig in order to develop and make available effective medical products from honey and other products from bees and their environment. We are now running the world’s largest programme of medical research in this field, and have published over 20 medical research studies.

Co-founder Dr. Shaun Holt has degrees in both pharmacy and medicine and a background in developing new medicines within the pharmaceutical industry. In HoneyLab, these same principles are being applied to natural products in order to develop products that are natural, safe and above all effective.

We have 10 products already available and many more in development. Products are currently available through the Shop page on our website and the Life and Unichem pharmacy stores in New Zealand. We are also in discussions with partners to make our products available globally.

Bee health is hugely important to us and we invest a significant amount into making sure that we have large and sustainable supplies of high-grade kanuka honey and bee venom for our products.

Not many people know that the global giant GlaxoSmithKline started life as a milk products company near Palmerston North in the lower North Island of New Zealand – HoneyLab are aiming to emulate their success as a global supplier of high quality healthcare products.

Our progress has been recognized by others and some of our awards include:
Co-founder Dr Shaun Holt was Runner-up for New Zealander of the Year 2015 Awards, Sanitarium Innovator of the Year category for his work with HoneyLab
Winner, Discovering Gold, Wellington Gold Awards (2014)
Silver Stevie Award: Best New Product – Health & Pharmaceutical (2015)
Finalist, Company of the Year, NZBIO Excellence Awards (2015)
Joint Winner, NZBusiness Most Innovative Business, The David Awards (2015)
Finalist, NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards (2015)
Why HoneyLab Exists

HoneyLab is not another company selling jars of honey to eat – there are a number of excellent New Zealand companies who are already doing this. Instead, we are a research company with the ambitious goal to develop new, effective, natural medical products, in a sustainable manner.

Our core principles include:
medical products should have solid research to show that they are effective and safe
the products should be made in a sustainable manner
the company contributes to the community

Our research programme is world scale and our published papers can be seen on the research page. In terms of sustainability, bee health is a critical part of our operations, and kanuka is a currently underutilized and fully sustainable source of honey. We contribute to the community improving health with our products, working with local landowners and beekeepers, providing employment and exporting high value products. We even plant kanuka in marginal land to restore the native plantations.
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